Benefits Of Tower Garden

A “Healthier, Easier, Smarter” Way to Grow

“Healthier, easier, and smarter” is the simplest way to sum up the benefits of opting for Tower Garden. Here are just a few examples of what those benefits look (and smell, and taste) like in real life.

Healthier Growing: Food and Nutrition

With the Tower Garden aeroponic system, you grow clean food that’s:

  • More nutrient-dense
  • More colourful
  • Tastier and more fragrant

Growing with Tower Garden also:

  • Lets you take charge of your produce availability
  • Nurtures healthy habits
  • Provides you with an educational tool

Easier Growing: Convenience and Savings

This is another primary benefit of Tower Garden, since it means:

  • No digging
  • No weeding
  • Lower grocery bills (many Tower Garden owners report it paid for itself in as few as six months).

Smarter Growing: All of the Above, Plus Sustainability

Growing with Tower Garden proves that less really can be more:

  • Tower Garden food virtually eliminates shipping and storage for a greatly reduced carbon footprint
  • Uses as little as 2% of the water required for traditional gardening
  • The vertical design uses 90% less space than you’d usually need to grow produce
  • Closed-system technology means Tower Garden recycles 100% of its nutrients and water
  • The pH-balanced ionic minerals and plant nutrients in Tower Garden Mineral Blends produce strong, healthy plants that can better protect themselves from insect pests and diseases with less of a need for pesticides or herbicides
  • See more about the environmental benefits of Tower Garden »

Growing guidance is here

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